Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Wedding Files: Husband and Wife

We had the best day together as husband and wife.

I can't look through these photos without getting a little teary. Will and I agreed that come our wedding day, we wouldn't worry about how things looked, how it turned out, if we got tongue-tied on stage or anything, we just wanted to be really present and spend the whole together. Once I walked down the aisle and tightly gripped Will's hands, that's just what we did. When I remember this day, I will always remember the way Will looked at me, the little jokes and laughter, all the hugs and smiles and delight we had spending our first day together as husband and wife.

Thank you for taking a (long, extended, over the top ;) peek at our wedding photos!

Photos by Hailey and Andrew of You Can't Be Serious

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