Saturday, February 11, 2012

j + a + Smurfette Haus

We're counting down the days until Jeremy and Aneela tie the knot and we get a new sister. 63 days to be exact. (Aneela told me today, so don't be weirded out that I knew that ;) J + A are one of our favourite couples, and given we'll soon all be family, I have a feeling they'll still be favourites 50 years from now. I love that about family.

And family are turning into neighbours as these guys have a house not too far from us. Jeremy moved in today and we popped in for a visit. Their pad is very, very cool*, with an awesome back yard, and yes, it's blue. So of course, we've named it Smurfette Haus and are so excited that Smurf Haus has a new sister. Or girlfriend. Or whatever the relationship was between Smurfette and all those blue boys :)

*Yes. An awkward family photo and a bath tub in the backyard. We just can't compete with that kind of cool.

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  1. Smurfette Haus and Smurf Haus love each other but they can never be together. Mainly because they are houses and built into the ground in different suburbs, but also because their families have a longstanding differences in political views, dating back to Bjelke - Petersen days. Don't say I said anything, though.