Thursday, February 21, 2013

we've moved...

Our blog has moved to! Come and visit us there - you will be automatically redirected shortly :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


 Baby elephants and Mt Kilimanjaro.
 Team Kenya on safari. 
 Racing a pack of hyenas. 
 Thumbs up for zebras! 
Oh hello there.
Rooftop sunsets at Watamu.
Our delightful holiday house, monkeys included.
Mojito hour.
Making friends with warthogs.


 A little bit of insta-theft from Kate and Peter.

Monday, February 4, 2013

cheeky little people

You know you've got it good when the most overwhelming thing you're currently facing is how to sort through photos from three different holidays. You know you've got it reaallly good when those three holidays took place in the past month!

Riding horses in Ethiopia, lion-spotting in Amboseli and beach house fun in Watamu - it's all there and coming soon. In the meantime, here are some sweet little faces from Ethiopia. These cheeky little monkeys called 'photo, photo, photo!' whenever they saw us, how could we resist?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

happy birthday anna!

This kid is so cool she live-streamed her first birthday party so Uncle Will and Aunty Laura could join in singing 'Happy Birthday'. Thank you little lady, we miss you!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

a weekend in nairobi

So first we introduced Kate and PC to traditional Kenyan cuisine - nyama choma (grilled meat), kachumbari (tomato salad), ugali (a maize staple, with a doughy consistency) and, umm, french fries. Not that they really needed introducing, and perhaps they're not so traditional but definitely a Kenyan favourite. It was a beautiful blue sky day and we loved sitting out in the garden at Valencia Gardens.

And then we introduced them to the delicious goodness of Planet Yogurt. We love this place too much and have rationed it to a special treat when we head to see a movie. Which means we've seen a lot more films together in the last six months than we ever have ;) Anyhow, we enjoyed our sweet treats and headed to the cinema to catch the amazing Kenyan film Nairobi Half Life.

Monday, January 21, 2013

a merry little christmas dinner

Even though we were sick in bed on December 25, we didn't want to miss the opportunity to celebrate the most important birthday of the year (or of the history of the world, really!). So we loosely adopted the Ethiopian calendar, which celebrates Christmas in early January and hosted a cosy Christmas dinner with friends on January 5.

Our favourite memories from the night are probably the hilarious series of mishaps that almost made us cancel. First, some key ingredients for our Christmas menu were impossible to find at various shops, despite being on the shelves just a day earlier. And then our oven, which exploded a few months ago and was finally fixed the day before, actually turned out to still be broken. We only discovered it when I went to put a tray of brownies in, about an hour before we'd need it again to start the roast pork.

Long story short we got access to our neighbour's apartment and used their oven. Which also wasn't working perfectly, but managed to do the job. But not before we almost lost our pork roast and a tray of veggies when Will slipped on a huge unseen puddle of water and ended up flat on his back and dripping wet. Thanks to his super quick ninja skills the tray of food miraculously ended up on the counter and not all over the kitchen floor!

We decorated in red and gold and I diy'd some glittery safari animals - you can see more on my blog. The warm brie with honeyed raspberries and pistachios was a big hit and these paleo brownies (with santa hats) were rich and delicious. 

We had such a nice night - isn't good food and great company all you really need? It was a very merry belated Christmas indeed.

And this was what we woke to on 'Boxing Day'.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

happiness is...

1. Having our travelers arrive safe and sound!
2. Yummy hot chicken soup for dinner (and breakfast too)
3. A suitcase of wonderful goodies from home - thank you family and friends!
4. The growing pile of Kenyan goodies ready to send home
5. Finding photos in our inbox of our beautiful niece and nephew loving their new Kenyan hoodies
6. A peaceful day as voters throughout the country voted in the primaries
7. The thrill of upcoming adventures - a safari and a beach trip are calling our names!