Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Wedding Files: The Bridesmaids

After Saturday's adventures house-hunting, came Sunday's just-as-important adventure to find the perfect bridesmaid shoes. After being sick, interstate and up the coast over the last few weekends, I felt like I hadn't seen these lovelies in ages and was more than a little happy to spend my Sunday afternoon wandering around the shopping centre with them.

After sushi and salads and hazelnut milkshakes, we ventured off to find new high-heeled friends. We narrowed down what we were looking for and made chatty shop assistants find us 'one of this and one of that, in a size 7, 8, 9 and 10'. A couple of serious contenders later, and we'd found 'the ones'. And while there was no 'bridesmaid' discount, they were marked at a lower price than what they should have been, so the girls got a little bit off - it was a Christmas miracle! (that's for you Steffy)

These girls are my bridesmaids and I am so happy and blessed to call them my dearest friends.

Kate is my favourite sister and brings lots of laughter, creativity and silliness into my life. We're already getting sad about 'the breakup' - namely the end of the very friendly relationship between my wardrobe and hers. Who will I share clothes with when I live with a boy? Luckily, she bought us matching onsies, so that's one thing we can both keep wearing.

As well has having the hottest blunt fringe ever, Steffany is also full of bridesmaid expertise. She has been a bridesmaid before, and is in another wedding in September, which makes her full of clever thoughts and ideas and advice on pulling this event together. I'm really thankful! What's more, she's witty, she stunning and she has very nice taste - all great bridesmaid attributes!

And now Emily. I have a bunch of things I'll get these girls to help with over the coming months, but so far I've mainly been getting ideas together and getting my head around everything to do. So they haven't been roped into much just yet - that is, everyone but Emily. Emily has been working her (rather cute) butt off designing an amazing wedding invitation. She is incredibly creative and talented, hardworking and very gracious when we're slow with information or deciding on the perfect font.

And my lovely Brie - the only bridesmaid who does not blog! Brie had a gorgeous wedding of her own at the end of 2009 and has a great wealth of bridal expertise. She is thoughtful, caring and kind, and I know come November 19, Brie (and the others!) will take very good care of me. And I really love her new haircut - stunner!

And here's a little peek back to earlier this year, when I official asked the girls. I felt like I was proposing :) There were cupcakes and candles and little letters and lots of girly squeals. And thankfully, they all said YES.


  1. Oh boy, we are yummalicious.

  2. Are you ever! Most beautifulest bridesmaids in the world xo