Thursday, August 18, 2011


We made the most of our Ekka Show Day with yet another picnic (seriously, we're getting good at these!) at Cedar Creek. What can beat the great outdoors, a hunk of brie and the love of your life?


We were merrily enjoying the tranquility, guzzling down our Honest Quenchers, when all of a sudden, a greedy kookaburra landed in our picnic fare and tried his luck at stealing our food. The cheeky birdy left his beak-print in the brie, but otherwise left empty-handed (empty-beaked?).


Of course, we weren't going to give up any of our yummy treats, so we set up a tripod to protect the goods. Low and behold, Mr Kookaburra tried again. I squealed and covered my eyes, only to open them seconds later and see Will with a large kookaburra in his hands!! The bottom centre photo shows Will re-enacting the catch - I was too slow to capture it the first time round. Needless to say, the tripod turned into a picnic-protecting tee-pee and after waiting in the trees for ages, Mr Kookaburra finally gave up.

IMG_5315photo 2

After lunch, Will smashed up wood and I did some wedding-related stitching. We explored the creek bed, reminisced about the proposal and made the most of my new Camera+ app.

photo 1IMG_5316IMG_5300

The day finished with Thai takeaway back at the Blue House. We began our pre-marriage counselling DVDs, which took our minds off all the wedding planning and set our focus on what's most important - our marriage. And when the clock struck 8 o'clock, Will pulled me off the couch, raced up the street and we watched red and green and pink and gold explosions fill the sky and illuminate the city.

A perfect day.

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