Friday, July 29, 2011

The Wedding Files: Half way there..

I've been thinking about the process of planning a wedding as more of a journey than just a destination. Many people have mentioned how the actual wedding day flies by, so I am savouring the lead up and want to remember all the little moments.

There was the sneaky secret planning before we were officially engaged, which involved vague conversations with Ps Murray about his availability for a 'big event in our lives', lots of emails to a special photographer and an amazing Will contacting event hire places in Brisbane from the other side of the planet...

Then there was the little 'coincidences' of being at another couple's engagement party, and taking up a friend's offer for a lift, and me happening to look up from my phone and out the window as we happened to drive past a lovely little cafe - a lovely little cafe that looked perfect for a dinner party, and happened to host weddings, and just happened to be available for a wedding on November 19. Perfect!
Of course, then came the big events - Will coming home, and proposing, and celebrating with boiled eggs.

And then there was asking the bridesmaids, and finding the dress, and the suit, and designing the invites, and booking the hair dresser, and makeup and making a billion to do lists - but more on all of that another time, because today's big news is that...

We are halfway there!

Today Will and I have been engaged for 3 months and 20 days, and today also marks 3 months and 20 days until we marry. It's all so exciting!