Monday, August 8, 2011


Yesterday, we headed straight to the blue house on the hill after church. We walked 4 minutes up a small hill to our new local cafe. We ate ham and cheese croissants and took in the quirky decor. Then we walked back down the hill, checking out the neighbourhood and watching the birds eat ants.

Yesterday, we drove in the opposite direction, to one of three local supermarkets. We wandered around the aisles, picking up all the important things. Fresh fruit and veggies. Good-quality olive oil. Mersey Valley cheese and Vita-Weat crackers. I made smiley faces at the most adorable little girl, who made lots of lovely faces back at me. We made bets on how much the groceries would cost, and I won.

Yesterday, we organised the fridge and we organised the pantry. We curled up on the couch and watched the rain catch the sunlight, and dribble down the paw-paw tree that stands just outside our window. I had a Sunday snooze. Will tickled my back and read his book. He said I didn't snore, and I hope he was telling the truth.

Yesterday, we did something we used to do last year. We each picked our three favourite things from the last couple of months, and took turns sharing them. There have been so many good things, things to reflect upon and remember. We also talked about some of the challenges, and some of the not-so-good things. We talked and talked and talked, and it was good.

Yesterday, after sunset, we got off the couch and took a stroll to the end of the street. We stood on the street corner and marveled at the perfect view of the city and it's lights. Will let me wear his fishing jacket and we tried to spot cranes on the top of buildings. We got very thankful and felt very content.

Yesterday, we ate steak and salad off the white dinner set from my grandma. We sat on cushions on the floor and put our plates on the coffee table. We talked about how very blue the house was, and how wonderful it will be to spend the first year of our marriage there.

Yesterday was a very good day.

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