Friday, January 11, 2013

One week until these two arrive in town. Seven sleeps! We're pretty jazzed.

And we're also pretty happy we got a copy of their flight itinerary. For some reason we thought they were arriving a day later than they actually are. I had flash backs to the time our family arrived in NZ for Christmas but our grandparents had mixed up the dates and we were stranded at the airport at 1am in the morning. Being stranded at Nairobi airport would not be a fun start to their African adventure.

We've been sending emails back and forth as they make arrangements to bring various things from home for us. Things we miss - like our good kitchen knives, our favourite lollies and some clothes we forgot - and things we can't get here - like a vegetable julienner and a replacement camera lens cap. We even have some coffee coming over which is kinda hilarious, given we're living in Kenya of all places!

With all the travelling we've done recently, we've actually seen very little of Kenya, so we're keen to explore this great country with two of our favourites!

Seven sleeps!

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