Wednesday, January 23, 2013

a weekend in nairobi

So first we introduced Kate and PC to traditional Kenyan cuisine - nyama choma (grilled meat), kachumbari (tomato salad), ugali (a maize staple, with a doughy consistency) and, umm, french fries. Not that they really needed introducing, and perhaps they're not so traditional but definitely a Kenyan favourite. It was a beautiful blue sky day and we loved sitting out in the garden at Valencia Gardens.

And then we introduced them to the delicious goodness of Planet Yogurt. We love this place too much and have rationed it to a special treat when we head to see a movie. Which means we've seen a lot more films together in the last six months than we ever have ;) Anyhow, we enjoyed our sweet treats and headed to the cinema to catch the amazing Kenyan film Nairobi Half Life.

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