Thursday, September 27, 2012

fresh flowers

Kenya is a major export of fresh cut flowers and we can pick up a couple of bunches for the equivalent of $7 from our local greengrocer. There is so much variety, so many beautiful colors and they are just so cheap! I confess, I've bought a bunch or two every week. Flowers just make me so delightfully happy (I feel like Will would want me to point that out that this is Laura writing right now).

I'm no pro, unlike my talented friend Tegan at Blossom and Twine (go on, go delight in her pretty pictures!), but I'm having fun making up little bouquets. The only downside is vases are so expensive here, so I only have one to fill each week!

IMG_5146  IMG_5134IMG_5135 IMG_5145 IMG_5139 IMG_5137IMG_5138 IMG_5144

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