Tuesday, September 25, 2012

eating our greens


The five senses in Kenya...

Sukuma wiki is a staple food in Kenya. It literally means 'push the week', the kind of food that makes the budget go further. You may know it as kale, the trendy, healthy, all-over-pinterest food that is becoming more and more popular in Australia. We sometimes eat it Kenyan style, cooked up with onions and tomatoes. Or we make a variation of this kale, apple and pancetta salad, it's delicious!

Everyone in my office shakes hands with everyone else, every morning.

It's not uncommon to hear the wailing siren of an ambulance two or three times a day. We assume they're mostly responding to traffic accidents, which must be a nightmare on Nairobi's congested roads. There was a huge traffic jam on our road at 10pm one night and an ambulance got stuck amongst the vehicles. We listened to the siren wail for at least 15 minutes.

Decorated matatus, the public transport vans. From fairy lights to scripture verses, playboy stickers to multicoloured vinyl padding on the roof, I even rode in a van boasting 'NO CHOLESTEROL' across its bumper.

The delicious scent of a leg of pork roasting in the over. Smurf Haus was ovenless, and we got by, but how nice it is to grill, bake and roast to our hearts delight!

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  1. Nice. Best matatu I saw while we were there was "Sting Forever"