Thursday, July 19, 2012

one week to go

We are flying out in one week.

One week?!

This is crazy.

Life has been SO full the past few months, and this next week is busy. Crazy, hectic, chaotically busy. But good busy.

The past month we both celebrated our birthdays. I'm sad to say I failed at documenting our 13 Days of Birthday as well as  we did last year, but we enjoyed lots of yummy meals, quality time with friends and family and the buzz of turning one year older. Buying a gift for someone who is whittling down their possessions to a mere 30 kgs is tough, but we both rocked it.

We made Smurf Haus look all pretty for his future humans, and we're waiting to hear back if the agent has got new tenants. I suggested that we hold interviews with everyone who came to the inspection but apparently that's not how things work. There's something special about your first home together, and Smurf Haus has been such a charming little fellow.

We've been emptying him of furniture at an impressive rate. Today we packed up most of our kitchen gear. I'm drinking LL&B out of an old coffee cup and we'll be using our camping utensils for dinner tonight. How the two of us have accumulated so much stuff is beyond me.

Apart from packing, we've been doing all the other 'getting-ready-to-move-overseas' kind of things. I challenged Will to a neck-pillow-blowing-up race, only to discover I get really light headed, really quickly. Will has been practicing his impressive Kenyan accent and stealing packing boxes from behind a large shopping complex. We've also done the grown up things like getting a joint bank account and our visas and vaccines.

We still need to properly pack our bags, and clean the house, and another 30 odd things on our To Do list. But it's happening, slowly, quickly, crazily.

I may not be on the blog again before we go, but we will keep this little journal for our new adventure, so keep an eye out for some jetlagged rambles and cheesy photos with African wildlife.

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