Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Easter long weekends are the best because of a special tradition my parents and their friends began 18 years ago. Half of them travel down from Brisbane / Gold Coast, and half of them travel up from Sydney, and they meet at the halfway point - a lovely couple's house in Uralla. Every second year since 1994, we've spent Easter with our Sydney / Brisbane / Uralla friends, and every single time it's been wonderful. See here, here and here for photos from Uralla 2010.

Road trippin' with Kate and Baz.
 IMG_6892 IMG_6889 IMG_7095 

We usually all stay at Carol and Stephen's house (above), but due to our growing group, Will, Jeremy, Kate and I stayed at a gorgeous B&B called Aurelia's Farm (below). The view of the country side was amazing, the house itself was beautifully presented, and our hosts Tara and Andrew truly spoilt us with homemade nougat, fresh banana bread and loving cuddles from their cat Max.

  IMG_6899 IMG_6944
Sunset. Moonrise.
 IMG_7089 IMG_7085  
Rowdy family dinners.
  IMG_7093 IMG_6965
Girls shopping trip.
IMG_7084 IMG_6978 IMG_7090
Gostwyck Church.
IMG_7092 IMG_7094
My love.
IMG_7086 IMG_7087 IMG_7096
Picnic at Dangar Falls.
Family photo shoot.
IMG_7091 IMG_7098 IMG_7097
Bye bye Uralla.

Holiday time is special time, and even more so when it's out in the country, under a big blue sky. I went a little crazy with the photos (and the instaspam - oops!), but how could you not when this country of ours is just so spectacular?

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