Wednesday, April 25, 2012

april snapshots

Little bits and pieces from the month that's almost gone...


We spent a day in costume filming silly videos for our work. There is something hilarious about seeing a 6'5 Sudanese man in a Flintstones outfit and mullet wig, I only wish we'd got a photo.

We also left home at 7am on Sunday for a rehearsal before morning church. A feat worth photographing given we get up no earlier than 8am on weekdays.

  IMG_7107 IMG_7136IMG_7183 

Aneela and Jeremy got married and their wedding was just delightful. We have a new sister and she's gorgeous and we will be talking about that delicious beef for many many years (more photos to come later!).

  IMG_7111 IMG_7182IMG_7176 

Family time. Uncle Will in his element. Thank you Paul and Lauren for making such sweet little people.


Our new, less-expensive habit is to bring in a homemade lunch and then get coffees together after. Working on the same street is a gem. And getting stuck in dreadful traffic is made so much sweeter when we're getting stuck in dreadful traffic together.

  IMG_7170IMG_7175 IMG_7174 

A perfect piece of art for Smurf Haus that is begging us to buy it. 


Hello French cooking in the slow cooker. Hello leftovers for lunch.


Copious study notes and nervous phone conversations. Fingers crossed.


 And five months in and (some of) our wedding herbs are still alive. We're way too proud. And a Saturday brunch with these beauties always makes me smile.

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