Sunday, October 9, 2011


It's been a wonderful week of little moments that I don't ever want to forget.

Birthday picnic for Steffany.
New yellow shoes, newly weds, and an endless supply of chips.

photo 4 photo 1
photo 3 photo 2

Enjoying the river and the sunshine after work. Others ran, we took it slow.

photo 5 photo 6
photo 7 photo 8

Hilarious, snort-laughter-inducing moments.
The tarago-driving poodle and a City Cat and rubber ducky stand off.

photo 9 photo 10

Taking on Ikea very late one night... and winning!
Hand-picked flowers from our garden and having coffee on the new kitchen trolley the next morning.

photo 15 photo 11

Being in the office, and also being out.

photo 14 photo 12

There are so many little moments in each week that deserve to be remembered. If I don't have my camera out, I often find myself taking a mental photograph and storing it away in the back of my mind. The last seven days have been drenched in amazing, full, rich moments with people I love. Here are a few of the mental photographs I don't want to forget:
  • The ocean spray and coming around the top end of Moreton Island
  • Holding hands in traffic and animatedly discussing our work day
  • Being overwhelmed by wedding prep, having a good sob on Will's shoulder, and feeling like all was well with the world again after
  • Watching 'Into the Wild' on the very noisy bean bags
  • Eating copious amounts of sticky rice at Thai Wi Rat
  • Making our living room look amazing with new lamps and cushions
  • Riding a golf buggy through aisles of trees
  • A very sleepy Will making very silly jokes about BoBo and Lola
  • Finding a $600 tie while looking for groomsmen's attire
  • Counting down days until we are married - 40 sleeps left
Life is so very wonderful.

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