Saturday, March 26, 2011

Subject: I love you


I just found an entry in my diary from early 2009. I sound a lot like a squealing young girl as I excitedly go on (and on) about how I got my first ever email from you.

I guess I was pretty sure it was a sign we would get married.

Of course, you don't explicitly come out and say you love me, or like me, or are even attracted to me, but I can read between the lines. Specifically, between the line when you ask me about my interview, and then go on to talk about your work hours.

Yes, there are classic undercover, secret, implicit, invisible 'I love you's' all through that blank space.


  1. And everyone knows that '12 hour work days - ouch!' is code for 'I love you too baby!'

  2. '...a sign we would get married.'

    Freudian slip!?