Friday, October 12, 2012

Lake Magadi

I had a field trip a couple of weeks ago to a place called Lake Magadi, southwest of Nairobi and close to the Tanzanian border.

Wow. Despite the dying quality of my very-aged iPhone camera, I hope you can see how beautiful this part of Kenya is. Rough, arid and yet spectacular.

I spent the trip interviewing project staff, Maasai health workers and even a Maasai chief. It was HOT (Nairobi is not so) and sweaty and we had to pause our interviews a few times because I couldn't hear my interviewee over the bleats of a noisy group of goats! It was an eyeopening, enjoyable mid-week adventure.

Things only got strange when my colleagues took me out one night to the hot springs on the lake, turned the car headlights towards the water and then proceeded to strip down to their underwear.

I remained polite but firm, and thankfully, fully dressed.

 IMG_8038 IMG_8064IMG_8059 IMG_8058IMG_8060 IMG_8066 IMG_8063IMG_8067 IMG_8070IMG_8068 IMG_8041 IMG_8069IMG_8065 IMG_8062IMG_8061 IMG_8039 

And as I watched all the gorgeous scenery rush by on our way home, I saw a young goat herder trip over his goats because he was too distracted playing with his mobile. Two worlds colliding, don't message and muster folks!

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