Friday, June 22, 2012

Kenya countdown

So, here's the follow up details to last month's big announcement. I've got a 12 month internship opportunity based in Nairobi, Kenya. I start in August and we're flying out of Brisbane on July 26.

Will will find a job once we hit the ground, though I'm secretly hoping he'll become a house husband like he's been joking about the last few weeks. My house husband, more specifically. But if that gig falls through, he'll be looking for the right opportunity, perhaps a 1-2 year contract. We're planning for at least a year away, but maybe more.


It's a bit of a strange time at the moment, to be honest. I finished work today and Will is finishing up next week. We're incredibly excited about what lies ahead - the professional opportunities, the new culture, the friendships and even the anticipated challenges. There are a lot of late night conversations about where we'll be living, what our work will be like and how we'll defend ourselves from the lions strolling the streets.

We've both spent the last few years studying, volunteering and working hard towards an opportunity like this. It's very surreal that in a few short weeks we'll be landing in a foreign country and setting up our lives there. What's more, it's very surreal to have the opportunity to follow a dream, and do it together - I have to keep pinching myself to check that this is real.

But, as excited as I am to be heading to Kenya, I'm not excited about the fact that our family, our friends, our church and our dear Smurf Haus are staying firmly planted here in Brisbane.

As excited as I am to go, to go also means to leave, and we are leaving so many special people behind. As we sacrifice the comforts and friendships of home, our friends and family are sacrificing their time with us to let us follow a dream. That's a big thing, and it's a big thing to us.

So we'd love to catch up with as many friends as we can before departure date. We've cleared our schedules to see family, see friends, clean up our house and pack. And eat as much Max Brenner and Thai food as we can. If you're keen to catch up and eat Max Brenner and/or Thai with us, we won't even make you help clean Smurf Haus. Just promise to stay in touch once we're gone, because we will miss you all!

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