Monday, September 5, 2011

The Wedding Files: Blacker and Val

We were so honoured to witness and celebrate our dear friends' marriage on Saturday. Blacker and Val are one of our favourite couples and it was so special to stand under those big old fig trees and hear them say their vows. Val was absolutely radiant and hearing Blacker share why he wanted to marry her made me cry. And Groomsman #4, what a handsome man.

photo 1 photo 4
photo 8 photo 9photo 5 photo 2photo 6 photo 3

And that renegade chicken? I will be asking Val where she hired him from and seeing if we can sneak some feathered friends into the church come Nov 19.

I'm joking, of course. Apparently llamas, not chickens, are where it's at. Oh world of weddings, you are a crazy, crazy place.


  1. Oh Laura! We're so touched that you blogged about us. It was so special to have you and Will there, you are one of our fave couples :) And no worries, we'll give you mates rates on our ol mate chicken xox