Saturday, June 18, 2011

Engagement Party Eve

It's the night before our engagement party and I am a bundle of excitement. We spent the day getting all the last minute jobs done - picking up paper cups and printing photos and organising furniture.

We have gorgeous red cake stands waiting for cupcakes in the kitchen and a pile of pretty blankets sitting in our lounge room. And after the boys spent the afternoon moving furniture, I got a text with the caption 'Brid@l bo¥z' and the photo below.

After postponing the party from May to June, we got caught up in the rest of day to day life and kinda forgot the party was coming up. It's only been the past few days that we've realised this is actually happening.

Yes, we're already engaged, but celebrating with family and friends makes it feel all the more real. We've spent all day saying "We're getting 'engagement-partied' tomorrow!" and I just can't wait.

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