Monday, May 16, 2011

Why she can't live without lists

Whether we've been planning a holiday, a month of close-distance relationship activities, or an engagement party and wedding, I've been discovering that Laura just cannot live without lists. I might start a conversation talking about shoulder massages, Laura often opens the conversation with 'I think we need to write a list...'

Here's a list of reasons why I suspect Laura couldn't live without lists:

1. She's a logical and analytical thinker, which is awesome, because I'm often off on a tangent somewhere

2. She likes to get things done and done well, as she's a sucker for excellence

3. Lists are something two people can share and work towards, which is great as we pretty much do everything together nowadays!

4. She's visual and needs something to stare at while conjuring up a storm of ideas

5. Being artistic slash creative demands the need for a pencil in her hand and something to draw on, having a list is a great excuse!

6. She doesn't just do extra-curricular, she actually does 'ultra-curricular' activities. Lists help her spread as much Laura love around as effectively as possible to her tutoring family, her fiance, her friends , family and passions!

7. It's symptomatic of her 'notebook obsession disorder' :)

So yeah, her list obsession might very well be weird but there once was a time that I actually couldn't live without whiteboards and marker pens...

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