Monday, April 11, 2011

Friday night at Libertine

Colonialism may very well have been a bad idea, but if history was different then the world may have never experienced French-Vietnamese style cooking! Which was just the theme for the new Libertine restaurant we visited on our first Friday night date back together.

We dined and wined our LDR away and I remembered what it was like to eat awkward food (seafood soup with chopsticks!) in a room full of strangers. The ambience was great, the pesky waiter was deservedly attentive and the food was actually fun! It looked good, tasted even better and there were a few tense moments over dessert arguing whether it was mint-and-lychee or mint-and-rambutan sorbet. The pesky waiter sided with Laura and announced that it was mint-and-lychee!

I quite enjoyed being in a crowded room full of people and at the same time getting lost in our own little laura+will bubble. There is something to be said about having a table of good food between us instead of a million miles of optical fibre cable.

Bonne nuit sweet LDR :)

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  1. bye-bye LDR!!

    I'm still dreaming of those scallops :)