Thursday, January 3, 2013

hello 2013

A belated Happy New Year from our little family to yours!

We are back in Nairobi after an amazing holiday in Ethiopia. Despite knocking us and our travel buddy Justin down like dominoes with various illnesses and mishaps, we've fallen hard for this beautiful place. We've got stories and photos, oh so many photos, to share soon.

Our Christmas Day was memorable, if only for the fact we had to cancel all our plans and camp out in our guesthouse, one recovering from a gastro bug, the other recovering from food poisoning and our friend nursing a sprained ankle and a cold. We had big bowls of vegetable soup for Christmas dinner and Will almost fell asleep at the table. We were pretty out of it! 

Thankfully, we're back on our feet on Boxing Day and able to fill our remaining days with sight-seeing, adventures and picnics in the sunshine.

We flew back to Kenya on the 31st and had a very quiet NYE. Someone fell asleep at about 9:30pm, only to wake at midnight with a fright because 'a horse was eating my foot!' It was a funny start to 2013 and reminded me of Christmas Eve, where the same somebody asked in his sleep 'what about all the girlfriends and all the immigrants? They won't get presents!'

All the girlfriends, huh? :)

But karibu 2013, we're very excited you're here.

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