Monday, January 7, 2013

2012: the big year that was!

The past 12 months have been big. Our first year of marriage. New jobs. New home. New country even! Big and wonderful and challenging and growing all at once. We're hoping 2013 will be just as fun.


we started the year on a very relaxed note, with a lovely summer holiday and sunshiney days at the beach. our scheduled quickly filled up with our french school intensive, but we still found time to hang with our besties. Oh, and we were incredibly blessed by incredibly generous people!




in february, it was all about photos. we shared lovely little moments from everyday life, as well as the lovely little moments from our favourite day (our wedding day!) and our honeymoon adventures in New Zealand.


we made our first impulse buy as a couple and discovered one of us says funny things in their sleep. we celebrated an 80th, enjoyed good food with friends and congratulated ourselves on finishing french school with a yummy french dinner.


april was all about family. we welcomed a new sister into the family and celebrated five months of marriage ourselves. we will celebrate anything if you let us! i introduced will to the traditional fraser trip to uralla for easter and we enjoyed lots of swanson family time too.


may brought perfect picnic weather and we reminisced about our first picnic together. we camped at the beautiful noosa north shore to mark six months of marriage and then we made a very big announcement!



in the midst of everyday life, we started preparing for our move to kenya. we celebrated Sophie and Jeremy's marriage and made the most of our last big Fraser / Digby gathering before we moved.


july is birthday month and we continued our 13 days of birthday tradition. we also continued prepping for our move, enjoyed a last girls hurrah in sydney and then on july 26 we flew out from Brisbane International.



we made it to kenya, found a new apartment and started exploring this new city of ours.


september was a month of firsts - our first Kenyan music festival, our first bento box and our first adventure out of nairobi.


we shared embarassing swahili blunders, a bit more detail about what we're doing and a field trip into rural Kenya.


amongst updates on obama fever, big city living and braving public transport, the biggest event of november was our very first wedding anniversary. one year of marriage - a lifetime to come!



december was all about our zanzibar adventure, with some cute dancing kids and a little bit of christmas cheer.

as we reflect on this past year, we're so grateful. we have great families and friends, a great new home and God has been ever so faithful to us in so many areas. we've had amazing opportunities to travel and are finding a wonderful little community here in nairobi.

amongst all the highlights there have also been challenges - leaving our beloved brisbane and our dearest people has not been easy. and if anything, our move has brought more uncertainty to the next few years and we tend to be bigger fans of the 'we know exactly what's ahead' kind of living. but that's all part of the adventure, right?

so 2013, bring it on.

(and here's our 2011 year in review)

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