Saturday, December 8, 2012

Z is for Zanzibar: Curios & Sundowners

It takes more than one or two days to really get to know Stonetown and we decided after Pongwe to head back and keep exploring the town. We stayed at the Tembo Hotel, a beautifully presented Swahili style hotel right on the waterfront which was a good base for our last two days on the island spent exploring through the curio shops and many alleyways.

Apart from the Swahili tourist shops selling bloodwood carvings and figurines cut out of paint tins (which are easily available in Kenya), some of the Omani Zanzibaris run curio shops that are full to the brim of old trinkets and faux-curios masterfully constructed to look like something out of an Indiana Jones film. These were particularly fun to poke around in and revealed old cameras, rusted pistols and Arabic brass coffee pots which are famous in Zanzibar.

It was getting late on our last afternoon in Zanzibar and we decided to try out the famous Emerson Spice hotel for a final dinner watching the sun set over the town and sadly our second honeymoon. After we actually found the place hidden away we couldn't get a table as it was fully booked. Instead the manager invited us up for pre-dinner cocktails and we enjoyed what is known as a 'Sundowner' looking out over the town and the sun setting across the strait and the mainland of Tanzania. Not a bad way to end an epic holiday!

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