Thursday, September 6, 2012

Blankets & Wine Festival

One of the stalwarts of Nairobi's local scene is the monthly Blankets and Wine music festival, held every last Sunday of the month in a sprawling run down animal park on Nairobi's outskirts. We went with our merry group of Australian friends to check it out and discovered that just like our last home, it appears we're living in a hipster's paradise. It was all rolled up chinos, thick rimmed glasses and navy suit jackets, Nairobi's middle class and upwards had come out to play.

A procession of local and international hip hop and RnB groups providing the music cycled through the main stage, one of which swapped out Alicia Key's lyrics from 'New York' to 'Nairobi'. Cute. We unfurled our blankets and found a grassy spot on the hill to listen to the music, people watch and bump into random friends and strangers. Though maybe it should have been 'Blankets and Beer' as it seemed as most people were skipping the mvino for the pombe (go on - marvel at my Swahili skills). 

Apparently those hip Kenyans are pretty happy to have their photo taken, the whole day seemed like one long fashion parade. So next time we might venture out a bit bolder for some satorialist style fashion photography - who's keen?!

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