Saturday, February 11, 2012

the honeymoon - part four

It's the final instalment of our epic New Zealand oddessy! After a road trip from Christchurch to Queenstown, kayaking the dart river and a whole week of lazing about Lake Ohau we moved onto the final stop on our honeymoon itinerary - Mount Cook. Laura is waiting to blog the photos from our wedding, so I'd better get a move on and spill the beans about the last leg of our adventure.

If you missed it, here is part one, part two and part three for your viewing pleasure.

Mount Cook and the Hermitage Hotel

The Hermitage is New Zealand's oldest hotel and probably it's most burned down (twice!) accomodation. It has hosted a swathe of great climbers (including Edmund Hilary who practiced on Mt Cook before he took on Everest and won!), so the decor is very mountainey, filled with mahoganey funiture and has lots of books. The Hermitage is just great for newly weds and nearly deads and we'll definitely be back there one day, as long as it doesn't burn down again.

We stayed in a chalet at the Hermitage because the rest of the hotel was fully booked, but the receptionist gave us the chalet with the best views over the mountains, and there was even a grassy knoll outside - perfect for a W&L style picnic. So we spent the early afternoon snoozing, eating cheese, the last of our delicious smoked salmon and sipping a new favourite - Monkey Bay.


 After snoozing away the early afternoon, we took off down one of the trails up towards the mountains. We crossed rivers swollen with melted ice, climbed rocky hills, scaled across rickety cliffs - and Mount Cook didn't feel an inch closer after a few hours of hard walking. Good thing summer daylight savings meant we weren't going to get stuck in the open and die of exposure on our impossible quest to reach the summit.

Ok, so the risk of dying from exposure was a bit of an overstatement, we actually had to hurry back to the hotel as we had a booking for the buffet at 7pm. Life on honeymoon can be pretty intense sometimes. The good news is we made it back in time enough for a cold ale in the hotel bar and now the tales could flow freely about our journeys through the great wilderness.

After dinner we raced out to watch the sun set spectaularly over the tip of Mount Cook, it was a beautiful end to a classically perfect day. 


The next morning we checked out of our little chalet and drove back to Christchurch. We said goodbye to our trusty rental car (which really didn't feature enough in this blog - I know) and had dinner at a local cafe nearby the airport. The next morning we boarded our flight and headed home. Our honeymoon was over...

Actually, we were so excited to get back and truly start our new life together. For the first time in our lives we now get to say 'goodnight' rather than 'goodbye' at the end of each day. And there are great things we'll take from our honeymoon like doing picnics, random star jumps, snapping photos of everything, being adventurous and doing everything together.

I think the real honeymoon is just getting started :)

** If you're heading to South Island NZ, have any questions or want any information about the places we visited, leave a comment below and we'll be happy to help you!**

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