Monday, January 2, 2012

2011: Best year yet!

it's true, 2011 was amazing. twelve months of big events and incredible little moments.


will was home for the summer, we picnicked at the beach, we played tourists in our own town, we made big plans and then watched them and our city get washed away in the floods. we helped clean up, we played lots of scrabble and we endure our final departures lounge.





we spent a lot of time on skype. laura finished one job and started looking for another, while will got ready to break up with sudan.


more skype time. we started this blog together, laura celebrated her last day of unemployment and will made the break up official.


will came home from sudan for good on april 3. on april 9, he took laura on a picnic, got down on one knee and put a ring on laura's finger. we celebrated with boiled eggs. the rest of the month included an Easter picnic double-date, a family birthday, and brainstorming all the random shops we wished had a wedding gift registry.

Engaged (37 of 43)


we celebrated one year together with a dinner date at citron and decided that life is so much better together. will made the most of his time off before accepting a job 200m down the road from laura. despite all the planning, we had to postpone our engagement party to june, but laura found her wedding dress with the mums, so at least something big could be ticked off the to-do list!


with the help of our very good looking bridal party, our friends and our families, we celebrated our engagement with a picnic party (of course!). it was the most beautiful day, the park looked amazing and we all stuffed our faces with a cake made of cheese. will hung out with his nephew, we hit the beach,we played putt-putt and someone was proposed to for a second time.


birthday month! we celebrated both of our birthdays with a new (and very wonderful) tradition - 'the 13 days of birthday'. it involved a lot of food, horse riding, gifts and a personality test. a busy, busy month with more birthdays, a trip to adelaide and lots of running around west end.





we finished our house hunting, signed a lease on Smurf Haus and Will and PC moved in! laura and the bridesmaids did some serious wedding prep, will took out the winner's trophy at our staff go-kart day and we spent some more time picnicking.


a month of love! we celebrated the marriage of michael and val and then blaine and tegan. it made us all the more excited to be getting married in november!

photo 5




in the midst of all the pre-wedding chaos, we did our best to keep some 'us' time. we headed out to moreton bay to watch the whales and relax, we hit up max brenner for our chocolate fix and we finally made it to guzman y gomez. we celebrated friends and funny moments and counted down the days til we would be husband and wife.


we finished all the little details, we visited roma st parklands one last time and we had the bridal party and our families over for a pre-wedding mexican fiesta celebration. and then, hurrah, we got married! we had an incredible day with our family and friends and were so happy to share the first day of our marriage with them all. the next day we flew out to new zealand for the best holiday ever.

(here's a sneaky peek of our professional wedding photos from you can't be serious. we've seen the rest, they are amazing and we can't wait to share!)


we returned home, jumped back into work for a week or two, then celebrated our first christmas eve, christmas day and summer holiday together as a married couple.


wow. 2011 really was the best. we are so grateful to God for his goodness, for being so faithful to us, and for blessing us with incredible friends, amazing families and so many wonderful things.

2012 is here already and we know it's going to be a big and adventurous year. we are ready to have our socks rocked!

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