Thursday, December 22, 2011

The honeymoon - part one

Where better to take my new wife on our honeymoon than the land of elves, orcs, trolls and wraiths. Yes, that's right, we went to New Zealand! We have a lot of photos and some stories to share, so without further adieu, here is part one of four of our honeymoon adventure.

(And just an FYI these posts will be about as epic as a Peter Jackson production.)

Kia Ora Mr & Mrs Swanson!

We flew from Brisbane to Christchurch on a late night flight that turned red eye when our plane was delayed, instead of arriving in Christchurch at midnight, we arrived at 3:00 am. Never fear, honeymooners are a cheery lot and we soon emerged the next day with our rental car, a GPS and a a long scenic meander to our first stop and Laura's favourite place in the world - Lake Tekapo.

Lake Tekapo

We stayed at Pepper's Bluewater Resort which was a pretty sweet little hotel with faded cedar buildings and views over the lake and mountains. Best of all the manager left a congratulatory cheese platter in our room for us on arrival - our first free honeymoon loot! Everything was starting to feel quite magical.

After a late night flight and a long drive, we took a nap and when we woke up it was snowing. Awesome! The weather had been wet and overcast since we arrived (hey, who cares about the weather?!) and after those few wonderful moments of snow the clouds cleared and it was sunshine and blue skies for the rest of our holiday.

The next morning we visited the infamous old chapel on the lake, I fought with Japanese tourists stumbling into the frame while Laura took her time admiring the lupines by the lake. So incredibly beautiful! And the scenery was pretty epic as well hey!

Tarras Village & the road to Queenstown

A typical conversation of ours on the road was as follows:

Will: Woah!

Laura: Woaaah!

Will: Look at that!

Laura: Woah!

Every hill we drove over, every valley we drove through and every creek and river crossing was spectacular on our way to Queenstown. Every scene was framed by mountains and lined with turqoise alpine lakes. Coming from sub tropical Brisbane in a dry heat wave we were in awe of all the good looking nature around us.

Even kiwis themselves are pretty cool, and hip. Boy are they hip. We stopped through a little town called Tarras Village which looked like if the online kitschy craft store ever occupied a postcode. Vintage chic lovers can see more of Mrs Robinson's vintage fabrics and knick-knacks shop over on Laura's blog soon.

Next door was a well equipped local store with most of the items coming from local producers in the area, and it also made a good pit stop for more practical reasons. Though the kitchen had closed by the time we arrived at the local cafe (and delicious cuisine items like wild game, NZ beef, salmon, rabbit and other tasty things were now off the menu), the toasted bacon, camembert and pesto rolls called torpedoes were still intensely delicious! Foodies take note, New Zealand has good fare.

If you've lasted this long into our epic post you're probably family or a stalker, so stay tuned for part two in Queenstown with our incredible designer built house with million-dollar views, our kayak adventure into the unkempt wilderness and I battle a mighty dragon called Smaug for a pile of golden treasure.


  1. Grandma and I enjoyed part 1 of your honeymoon story. Look forward to part 2. Wow! NZ looks great!

  2. I'm not family and I'm not a stalker, but I really enjoyed your blog! Gorgeous pics! Can't wait for part 2!