Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Handsome

Today marks 28 years of William, and I think that deserves celebrating! So here's another list of reasons why Will is one-of-a-kind and worth so much to me...

1. Will has been diligently managing a growing list of potential rental properties - finding suitable houses, contacting agents, organising inspections and generally working his butt off to find a home we can call our own. He works hard!

2. He's smart and super intelligent, but completely down to earth. We have great deep conversations about faith and life and politics and science.

3. His amazing smile. See evidence above.

4. Seeing him pull faces with his gorgeous nephew Christian. Will makes everyone smile and always lights up a room.

5. He's just as adorable when he's playing with beautiful Labrador pups.

6. After spending three days in bed, Will visited me every night, bringing gifts and funny stories and back rubs. He looks after me so well.

7. He's such a talented photographer. I love looking back through his blog and seeing the world through his eyes.

8. He makes a delicious Tom Yum. And he goes out of his way to buy all the ingredients when one sick little Laura requests it for lunch.

9. Will is willing to let me run a gazillion wedding thoughts past him without getting fazed. He has great taste in fonts, diplomatic when sorting out guest lists and always brings me back to the bigger picture.

10. He is loyal, strong, handsome, generous and wise. He's just the best.

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  1. thanks for making it a great birthday babe... ooohhh and it's still going - bluesmoke on Wednesday!