Tuesday, July 5, 2011

22 in review

Last year I was inspired by one of my favourite bloggers (Elsie) and wrote a birthday list - 22 Things to Do Before I Turn 23. I posted it to my Laura and Friends blog and started working my way through a bunch of things I had 'always wanted to do' but had never really made happen.

Given that my birthday is tomorrow and I will officially be 23, I thought I'd see how I went. So here goes:


#3 - Start a new blog and post regularly.
One of the big 'moments' of our relationship, along with the first 'I love you' and the 'Will you marry me?' was the first conversation we had about starting a blog together. I guess it's the unsexy, unmarried Christian equivalent of 'let's move in together', but a natural progression for two people who have been blogging for a very long time (anyone remember the good ole' days of Will's Red Hero blog?). We have so many memories to keep track of and don't want to forget a single one.

#5 - Go away for a weekend with girlfriends.

One of the best weekends of 2010 - full re-cap here.

#6 - Memorise a chapter of the Bible
So I cheated and found the shortest chapter of Bible - Psalm 117 - but then discovered it is a beautiful, albeit brief, passage about God's love and faithfulness, so I am happily keeping it close to my heart.

#9 - Learn to cook something clever

I can now cook a curry, Thai Larb, Potato Rosti, make sushi, meringues and macaroons.

#10 - Send 50 hand written letters or postcards (okay, maybe not 50, but at least 20!)

#11 - Sew a summer dress
Rocking out my aqua + lime creation. I'd bought the fabric a few years ago in Ghana.

#12 - Make the most amazing care package for William
A special 'First Day of Work' survival pack that included a massage voucher. I think that counts as pretty amazing!

#14 - Read my first ever Jane Austen book

#16 - Graduate university

#17 - Go vegetarian for a month.
Yep, definitely the hardest thing on the list! Though this tofu burger was seriously amazing.

#19 - See ten ‘classic’ films I’ve never seen before
I counted anything that was really old or had one a lot of awards or was one of those films that everybody has seen - Anne of Avonlea, The Queen, Forrest Gump, The Piano (DON'T see it), Revolutionary Road (okay, caught out, only saw five).

#20 - Finish my 365 Days Grateful project

I wrote a reflection here last week - I was so happy to started this, and a little proud to have made it the full 365 days through!

#21 - Give away $500 just because

#22 - Donate blood
There were cheese and biscuits to munch on after and I found out that, though 1 in 3 people need blood, only 1 in 30 donate. I saved three lives, and you can too.



#2 - Fly an aeroplane.
I'd give it another month or two and I'll be able to cross this off the list - excited!

#13 - Work up to being able to run 5km at once.
Will and I are making progress on this one, running along the Brisbane River a few nights a week.

#15 - Visit my Grandma in NSW.
We were all set to go back in early January when Grandma wisely suggested we postpone due to the possibility of flooding. Just a day later, most of Queensland was declared a natural disaster zone and northern NSW was just a inundated. Grandmas are wise women. New trip has been rescheduled for later this month.


Any items missing (of which there are a couple) may end up on my 23 Things to Do Before I Turn 24 list. Others, like #4 - Watch the sunrise and the sun set on the same day - have been tossed into the 'Probably too ambitious in the first place' basket.

Yay for Birthday lists - I have loved this last one and am already dreaming up lots of fun things to the next one!

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