Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sunday Sunshine

Sometimes when I need some head space, or some heart/soul space, there's nothing like getting some real space - big wide outdoors kinda space, with an ocean that goes on forever and a blue sky that reaches to the heavens. And when that's the case, nothing beats getting away for the day and taking a mini-holiday with the one that you love.

First stop - Organika. Will made a big deal about my great menu selection - the Thai Chicken Burger - and I gotta admit, the Thai Chicken Burger was kind of a big deal. Chicken, noodles, chilli, avocado, coconut - it was amazing.

And then, Noosa Heads. This place is so good. The weather was amazing, the views were spectacular and we even spotted a dolphin gliding through the water. I could stare at the ocean all day, and that's basically what we did.

I re-read some of my favourite chapters from A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. I was reading a bit about making 'memorable scenes' in life when Will came over with two love-heart shaped rocks for me. My man made a memorable scene right there.

It was just a single day at the beach, but it made all the difference to my week. I glided through this week feeling so rested, so relaxed and so ready, and rather convinced that mini-holidays should be a very regular part of our lives.

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